50 year's ago computers used to fill up entire rooms with scientist and researchers being able to communicate with eachother during the cold war(1947-1991), and a convinient quirk that they had was that if the computer broke down they would just move on to the next one.


The first message sent over ARPANET(Advance Reasearch Projects Agency). The two computers that communicated wuth eachother were located in UCLA and Stanford, UCLA sent Stanford the message "login" but they only recieved lo but still sent eachother something.


Ray Tomlinson created a way for people to commnicate with eachother through something that he named electronic mail or more commonly how we know it e-mail.


Computer programmer Tim Berners-Lee created the world wide web which is a network of computers connected to the Web.


This year the first ever item was ordered in the internet which was a pizza that was delivered by Pizza-Hut.