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About Max

I was born in Alta Bates here in Berkeley, CA. My family comes from Mexico City and came here to give y family a better life than what they had in Mexico. They came here just to have my sister but were planning to go back but never were able to go back because of how she was born. Now we are here working hard to be safe from the president that we have, that's name can not be stated. I am trying to do good in my education for my faily to have a better life than what we had to go through.

My deram is to grow and become either an engineer or an architect becuase those are my interst and they involve math which is mathematics. I would want to build something that would be a tourist attraction that everyone would want to go to. This would let me be remmembered and it'll show everyone that even if we have a different background than everyone else who thinks is "superior" than us we'll prove them wrong.ss