Let's Catch the Flu Before it Gets to You!!

The Problem

There are too many college students that don't know about the flu. They thought that the common cold and the flu were the same thing but they are two completely different disease. The flu is a stronger virus than the common cold, and the flu is harder to get rid of. This goes to show that college stdents don't know about the flu that much, but in their defense they ddid know about the flu shot and how that wa sthe primary way to prevent from contracting the flu.

How We're fixing the Problem

We are plannig to fix this problem by making kits for certain disease and we sell on a website w created which is There they go when they want to buy kits, in this instance for the flu. This will be flown to the college and straight to their dorm door. This will allow them to stay in theor dorm area and not have to leave to go infect more people